At present, «UTPH» LLC supplies steel pipes, pipelines and pipelines to the markets of Russia, the CIS countries and far abroad. The company is actively expanding the geography of supplies of metal products, is engaged in the import of rolled metal products to the territory of the Russian Federation, and also developing its production line: it carries out metal processing, applying anti-corrosion coatings and manufacturing electric-welded bends and tees. The presence of our own warehouse and production infrastructure allows for the picking and shipment of groupage and complex orders.
     The production line is a logical continuation of the metal trading business. Currently, the structure of the holding includes metalworking facilities for the primary processing of metal products and the manufacture of electric-welded pipelines. Our own metalworking facilities have allowed us to provide the needs of our strategic customers, as a result many of them have abandoned the services of their own auxiliary workshops.
       At the same time, due to a stable history of cooperation with leading manufacturers and customer-oriented sales policy, «UTPH» LLC confidently ensures uninterrupted supply of metal products to chemical industry enterprises, constructional-installation organizations, oil-gas and energy enterprises.
The active development of the company, the professionalism of its employees, a wide range of products, a flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to each client - all this fully allows us to meet the needs of today's metal rolling market.
       Effective use of our own experience and the experience of the best domestic and foreign companies to use the needs of customers and the market. Efficient use of resources, constant striving for growth and development, optimization of business processes and improvement of management methods. Our team produces a service that will make you freer and richer.
Competitive advantages:
• A tight-knit professionals team, which foundation consist of workers who have gained experience in metal products manufacturing. Our experts will always advise on technical issues and offer a comprehensive solution to your issue.
• A wide range of offered metal products in combination with ability to organize prefabricated batches average up to 15 positions, including small ones, allow us to offer optimal production solutions for the customer.
• The presence of our own warehouse and production facilities allows for storage, cutting, welding of customers' needs, allowing customers to use the maximum of individual service solutions.
• Our products are certified and meets State standards. This will ensure the high quality of your products.
The ability to maintain the availability of the necessary (agreed with the customer) assortment of rolled metal in the warehouse will increase the efficiency of using your working capital.